The OFFICIAL Jam Week #172 Discussion


U didnt @ me but dude I’m trying got 1 track down just starting the other one lol. 1800 attempts hahaha fml


Nice edit of the post lmao


no idea what are you talking about man, you were the first to be tagged :grin:. That is damn fast :+1:
@THR_Dutchman that has to be some of the finest bullshit i’ve heard in a long time! after that camping trip of yours you’ve changed man, get off your butt, grap your phone and get to it damn it :smiling_imp:


DOUCHEMAN! YOU BETTER GET CRACKING! WE HAVE GUIDOS TO BEAT! Get your thumb out of your ass and post me some goddamned top 10 times!


I need to play the first track more yet


@THR_BLISSY52 that backflip i managed to pull is almost as fast as that big jump, if you can pull it off it will definitly help your time :+1:


holyshit that was crazy, i think that big line is waaay easier tho hahaha


This has nothing to do with the camping… Now it’s just the fact that rocket league is also a really fun game :joy::joy::joy:


@Bragstad totally man, i was so scared i am gonna mess it up that these two laps were among the longest that i’ve played :sweat_smile:. this backscrub is right up @YG_DJAuzzi alley.
@THR_Dutchman well for me minesweeper is also a really fun game, and for @THR_Birdshaw Baking simulator is a really fun game! do you see us cutting corners? NO! :grinning:


I think that’s as good as i’m gonna get man. Tiny Whoops can suck it.


Jeeeeezus i give up… Sorry I’m letting THR down but the amount of crazy good runs I’ve messed up near the end of the tracks is just unreal :weary::weary::weary:


@THR_Bonnetron damn that is fast man, great runs on both tracks :+1:
@THR_Dutchman i swear Tiny whoops almost made me cry my eyes out, damn this track :weary:


I got tiny whoops down. But haven’t had time to nail the first track been too busy