The OFFICIAL Jam Week #172 Discussion


I just done it smooth again and messed the end of the second lap up​:rage::rage:so frustrating


Everybody today.




I’ve cleared it completely once. Then screwed up the entire run after. It’s a pain in the ass. :joy:


I made it over it once and had a great run going until I hit the whoops before the finish line. Almost rage threw my phone haha.


I actually like those whoops. He made them big enough to tap over but small enough to not screw up your entire run at random.


Fuck I didn’t even really play last week I thought it was one week to fuccckkk


I’m done with that track


You can do better😀


No way that just took persistence


GODDAMMIT BLISSY! Why are you not in the Vatican?!


Oooops I forgot to change it back


Your total time will still register if you change now and improve on the other track


Wanted to throw my phone at a wall after this attempt. I thought it was yet another failed attempt at clearing the wall so I gave up in mid air. To find that I probably would have made it over cleanly.


God damn, i wouldn’t say that was close because you actually got it!
man you are killing it this week :thumbsup:
btw did you pick up your phone from a WWII museum or did that happened while playing the 2nd track :grinning:


Haha yh the phone is nackered. That was just a simple drop on the floor. Don’t want to take the screen protector off I think it’s holding the phone together​:joy::joy:


I know man it feels so bad when you hit it and then mess up




@THR_Quaid @THR_BLISSY52 @THR_LorkyMX2 @THR_Bonnetron @THR_Dutchman come on fellas, get to work :sunglasses:


Yeah i know dude :joy: i don’t think I’ll beat you but I’ve not played too much yet so I’ll try to get as close as possible :grinning: you’ve been killing it lately keep it up!!! :+1::+1::+1: