The OFFICIAL Jam Week #171 Discussion



You’re one of my favorite people in life.


I can see you hit it already on Lap 2. Can you do the bounce on both laps?


1000 attempts already :scream:


Still haven’t gotten it how I have been trying to
Me and Ebr are in a bit of a competition haha


This should be it.


Same lol


@OnTheFrontLine do you enjoy when people break your tracks? Or do you add kudla flips on purpose and see how long it takes to find them?


Dude I saw that on Facebook, your not even human :joy::flushed::muscle:


Imma hit that bounce on both laps watch out bragstad


Jk that line is way too hard lol




Soundtrack for next track build, a maroon 5 cover ‘moves like kuddles’