The OFFICIAL Jam Week #169 Discussion


dude!!! congrats man, sick run :grinning:
tried my best but fate and @mx.phreek were like :middle_finger::joy::middle_finger:
i had a ton of fun playing this week’s tracks tho, great job guys :ok_hand:


You’re absolutely right about it being a bandaid thing. I think it got introduced to the game to remedy that you went slower if you touched the track with the front wheel on the old bike 11. So we reduced the friction on that one (if you’re not braking that is)… We didn’t think of the case where you only ride on your front wheel :thinking:

Removing it now would mean to release an updated bike11 that’s slower than the current iteration… And I don’t think that’s a good idea as we would need to force everyone to update and some old scores would be impossible to beat.

So I think it would be best to keep the bug/feature for bike11. Maybe a bike12 which didn’t have this but was faster in other areas would be fun (so you would need to choose bike depending on which track it is)


“so you would need to choose bike depending on which track it is”

You’ve tried that before… more than once. But every time you do, both testers and subsequently players scream “MOAR POWAAAAA” and you cave.
I LOVE the endo trick! I suck at it sooooo badly, But It’s the most fun you can have in this game IMO.



Zach found the new line and i found out the frontwheelie scrub strategy


Endo tricks are so much fun, like WOW. I look out for tracks with endo tricks. Those who feel it is ridiculous should go get a real dirt bike, lol. MSMX2 is a game that we play for fun. Please don’t try removing it @hyarion