The OFFICIAL Jam Week #169 Discussion


Oh Haha thanks I’ve done a bit


Haha nice!!! I do freerunning too… Not the best at it yet but i really like doing it :+1:


Nicee man it is really fun haha


I think if you could pull off both you’d have enough speed to actually jump the last little trough that only doing the 2nd puts you in


How bout that backflip/scrub on the last jump on the first track by zack… Gainz


come mess with the top guys in “holy see” :smile:


I belive the forum is the only place we can mess with you guys :smile:


I’ve been waiting on that to be hit. I’ve so nearly done it in testing the track a few times just couldn’t get it clean. I figured one of you top guys would get it. Took longer than I thought though lol


yeah this track is fuckin nuts, two nose wheelies u gotta hit haha. i love hard tracks, so thanks for this one! im over 2k attempts in and im playing more later :joy:


I’m gonna punch you in the throat if I ever see you​:grinning::fu::fu:
It’s so much fun to play, but holy shit It’s annoying.


Yeah holy shit I’m getting annoyed by that track hahaha :joy: i need to shave off like half a sec or more before I’m actually happy… But i keep messing up either the scrubs in the beginning or the nose wheelie :triumph::joy:


Yeah it’s definitely a tricky, you get the first part right, nice scrubs. Carry good speed to downhill and fuck up nose wheelie and you’re like grrrrrrr. Then you get that right and screw last bit up :smiling_imp: it’s hard to get all right. But dang, you guys are going fast on it. It’s great keep seeing ya’ll upping the times and swapping positions at the top of the board.


2600 attempts on 2nd track but it just payed off, I think I’m done with that map lol, was seriously fun though.



I’m not beating you this week i can tell you that :joy:


Dang, nice job


@hyarion, Are there any plans to patch the nose wheelie thing? I know it’s fun when you get it but it’s pretty ridiculous when you think about it. It seems like the first bike 11 was supposed to fix that but it was more of a band-aid.


Okay i know i could shave off a lot of time on track 2…like A LOT!!! But i kept messing up so i got really really pissed and gave up hahaha… @mx.phreek i think your track is the one that pissed me off the most of all tracks that I’ve ever played :joy::joy::joy:


I disagree. It’s so rare that there even is a track where the endo even makes sense. And It’s soooooo much fun!


Lol hard tracks are so annoying till you get it right then they’re so rewarding lol


That might just be the reason why it got me so pissed! :grinning: this is like the very first track in a loooong time where I’m completely not happy with the time I have and for some reason just can’t seem to get a run in where i don’t screw something (or multiple things) up :joy: the track is really good though… I’m the part that makes it stupid :joy: