The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 154 Discussion




I may open it up to beta testers in the future, but for now we have too many tracks already. We have Jam tracks made through the next 4 or 5 months already.


Nice times :+1: even faster than jaredbender who is one of the top players from my state.


Creo q deberias actualizar la informacion no soy tan bueno como nicole pero por ahora estoy sobre kip


Estoy de acuerdo contogo Chy.
I think same


@WR 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 position are TCR!!:sunglasses:


Yay finally I’m part of that top 25 thing for once haha :ok_hand:


There is nothing cool about your team finishing in the same spots week after week. Y’all staying the same while THR is getting faster. Your team is maxxed out in speed and we are catching you. :sunglasses:


Hahaha. I pleaded the same thing to a colleague after he beat me multiple times in badminton. Each time I did a little bit better and scored more points. So I slammed him for only scoring 21 points every time whereas I was evolving and at the rate I was evolving I would soon score 28. He told me it was a good thing I left the teaching of math to him.


:joy: I hope you are joking about your colleague. I haven’t played badminton since 3rd grade and even I know it only scores 21, 22 tops.


Thats why he told me to stay of math.
But when you played badminton in third grade you played to 15 without running score.


We played until 21…gym teacher made us do tournaments everyday. Rim war was my game of choice lol think I just found a name for my newly designed track.


Jesus man. How Young are you


I’m old, but my heart is only 15 :joy:


Dude. That rule changed a mere 11 years ago. Are you telling me you’re 20? Bc that’s bull shit, man!


I’m 35 lol


Then you must have been a special child in order for you to be in third grade at 24​:grinning::grinning::grinning:


All I said is I haven’t played badminton since 3rd grade lol and we played until 21 points not 15 points.


Well if you played to 21 in third grade it must have been in the Michigan School for Reatards because noone played to more than 15 before 2005.


Id dominate those kids if I was 24 and in 3rd grade. Then again maybe not cuz that would mean I’m very extra special and couldn’t even chew my own food. :joy: