The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 154 Discussion


Haha that kinda surprises me for some reason :joy: don’t know why though cause I’ve never seen you race :joy: he’s definitely not unbeatable though… I kinda messed up my first 4 challenges against him but I’m 6-4 now :grinning:


I don’t really care about vs as much as I do jams. Haha he’s really good, though. Finally got his scrubbing troubles time beat and it’s only but .03 haha


Somebody should please, watch my run on Scrubbing Troubles and tell me which bike is that.

NB: Username same as in forum.


Whut?! That’s weird bike 11 with bike 1 skin… :joy::joy::joy: fastest bike 1 I’ve ever seen haha


For the avoidance of doubt, I raced with normal bike 11 only to see that fast bike 1 on my replay. I must say that the bike I saw was a little different from Bike 1 because the exhaust is raised a bit and the front fender is closer to the front tire. It’s unfortunate that I’ve got a new time, so the replay is wiped off.

I managed to snap the Bike from replay.


Odd. That’s how all the bikes look in the editor.


I can give you a tip that even the best on here have not done yet on Scrubbing troubles and could shave around 0.3 secs off total time.
I’ve used it against TCR_Bragstad and it beats his time although I’m not fast enough to beat his total time. :wink:


Low Backflip first jump.


Dude I nailed that one in some of my attempts, a really low backflip scrub. Too bad there are so many other places later on for us to screw up the run :smile:


Yea, it’s such a long track.


I was kind of obsessed to reach lvl 70 on all Star in VS. but after I got there is when I started excelling and started winning alot more. THEN IT BECAME A PROBLEM!!! LOL…I think I have like 200 races I not MORE! I play alot less than I did. But still load the game every couple hours to check my place in jam lol. I’m pissed right now about the damn HELMET!
Does any one know the list of top 1000 for to jam comp. ???


No idea man last time @JoeW723 didn’t have the list for top 500-1000 yet… I’m kind of assuming the regular jams are in that category… Don’t know for sure though


@capnjazzer getting there!:grinning::+1: @TSR_SamMeci_SD​:clap:


So far only Cash Jam and Dailies have been awarded. Waiting for the list for regular Ja, and Cash Challenges.


Not true, they all look like that if you have bike 1 selected, but you have to change it in the shop. Sometimes an old skin gets stuck on the fast bike for some reason. Or if you have used the editor under your own username it can cause skin problems in the normal version. But I don’t think he is using the editor?


Oh he doesnt have it.


I don’t and haven’t use the editor. It won’t be a bad idea if your majesty can send me one. I can build.

To me, MSM2 is a passion, not just a game.


I think it’s just a random event. Maybe because I’m still stuck on 2.5.4?


I suggest you get the latest update


Had some more time to grind while i was in a train traveling home… Set some pretty damn awesome times if i may say so myself! :grinning::ok_hand: