The OFFICIAL Jam Week #153 Discussion


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Game is full good but frustrating.
Again not liga 1 managed, 362 places missed.
Iā€™m only 0.00.109 seconds slower than my friend, He stays in one and I in two.
Mont 153.914 have participated
EZ ā€¦ 132.069 have participatedn
But 127,924 go in rating for the league ,
He would not have to calculate 132.069, then I had the first league managed, always always just pass by.
Frustrated me now was never in the first.
Pity you can not insert 15% 25% and so on.
Then also the like we better hill, to fight us or to keep as the pros ride only rear wheel, very funny, just a straight without hill and the pull us loose 4 seconds from.