The OFFICIAL Jam Week #153 Discussion


I could easily take him, but I’m worried it would make him feel bad. And as we all know, making someone feel bad is the last thing I would ever do.


me n zach(zse) in VS: 29/29 :open_mouth: been equal for awhile.


its not impossible! it just takes a lot of practise :wink:


Haha i said nobody i race comes even slightly close… I don’t race you so can’t judge that but looking at your performance in the world championship I’d say you’re pretty much a beast so that doest surprise me too much :grinning:


Not bad… They get 2 in this week!!:clap::clap::clap: GJ​:+1:




Guys u think it is possible to short the Jam session from thursday 9etc to sunday 9etc. Sunday coming up new Jam tracks till next thursday?
1 week jam is long time I think. I dont know how the other user think about it but for me it is too long I think.
Best greets


Don’t think they will do it because you’d need twice as many tracks but i kinda agree… Most of the times I’ll be done with the tracks well before the next Thursday… I do wanna add though that you guys do a great job at building the tracks it’s just that a week is indeed pretty long


Dammit your not supposed to pass me.


That was super easy… barely played… closed eyes.


Meh… It’s only two more per week. With the subscription packs and the four new vs tracks (at least) they are up to 24 per month. This would make it 32.


@THR_sick11111 @THR_Dutchman I agree :slight_smile:

And we dont have to be racing brand new tracks every week. I mean, there are 150 weeks of tracks behind us. Change a few names on some old ones and throw them in. That way you dont have to invent the wheel over and over again :wink:


Yeah i mean i know this doesn’t go for everyone obviously but i only started in week 107 so i missed a ton of tracks… I honestly wouldn’t even know if they put in older tracks haha


You could go back and re-use track 1 etc again because even the guys that played it a lot we’re on bike 7 or whatever it was then.


Well perhaps those bike 7 tracks wont translate very well to bike 11.

And IIRC it was bike 6 untill you could unlock it in week 3.


Great idea, I got a really old vs challange the other day on an old jam track… Lightning bug I think. Really fun track


We won’t change the Jam length at this point. That’s also a lot of tracks to make. Not to mention we are working on BMX2 tracks as well. Eventually both games will be out at the same time so we will need even more tracks.

We did a week because not everybody can play every day of the week. At least this way hopefully everybody gets time to put in a few solid runs. Also why we did 2 tracks and not 1. If we made it every 4 days then people would want it every 2 days, then every day, etc.

Can’t say much about our next MX game, but just wait :slightly_smiling_face:


I want new jam tracks 8 times a day!

I found the half week jam suggestion very interesting and while I would love it, I knew the answer would be what it ended up being.

And I hear BMX2 is just hours away :grinning:


Do you need more track builders to take some load off? Hey @THR_Birdshaw was it fucked up ryan who had built tracks for some other game and was keen on building for msmx?


More tracks costs more money. Have to have a balance. If we need more guys we will open it up to beta testers first. We are pretty well staffed at the moment though.