The OFFICIAL baguettes, wine, and Jam Week #177 Discussion


Dude, @Zse743 How do you manage to do that flip that puts you perfectly over the step up in grendal​:scream::smiley:


Haha sweet as I’ll chuck you in my next vid!

Of course I’ll race you :call_me_hand:


@THR_Dutchman remember when you told me good luck beating you?


After you sent that i did a better run that would’ve put me like 0.2 ahead of you… And then somehow i managed to crash like 5 meters before the finish by looping out on that uphill :weary::weary::weary: was so pissed :joy: nice times though man :+1: I’ll see if i can catch you again later :grinning:


You know what… I think I’m done.
I’m done talking about baguettes and wine.
@JoeW723 what a fucking stunner of a track! Still I will not refrain from using the #blamejoe this week, because you’re one that put Grendel up. You really shouldn’t be promoting this sort of behavior at @rcboxer, who really is a good guy at heart!


Haha that sucks dude. You’ll probably get me by end of the week. Im gonna try to beat you just to shut you up though haha


Grendel is actually easy once you know the technique needed. Maybe you should just learn how to be better


Yea I got the hang of it now its not that hard


Ive got a few suggestions as to what you should learn…


Well I’m sure this is beatable but it’s your turn to grind again! :grinning:


Only luck really, I didn’t mean to do that at all, I’ve been trying to do it again sense with no luck​:joy: I was like, holy shit okay then​:joy::joy::joy:


I scrubbed it once! It was even way more insane than your flip… So insane actually that i overshot the jump by a mile and couldn’t even make the next jump so it didn’t pay off at all :joy::joy::joy:


Knew it would only be a matter of time. I’ll get on it lol


I did it once, felt like I was zse then screwed my run up and came back down to earth haha


How many attempts are you at so far? :grinning:


785 on first track, 324 on second


Haha i figured it’d be more than your usual amount :joy: I’m at 635 and 515 so far so we’re about even :grinning:


That’s more than his usual. Dude I get like 1200 attempts but not this week


@THR_Dutchman noooooooooooooooooooo


Hahaha yeah i did a last minute grinding session last night :grinning: didn’t expect to stay ahead of you but it was about time i beat you again… You were starting to give me a bit too much trash talking for my liking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::joy: had to do something about that :joy: