The OFFICIAL baguettes, wine, and Jam Week #177 Discussion



Thanks man glad you checked them out!!

Hahahaha the tutorial will be on the second track this week your right… but it’s going to be hard to explain :joy::joy::joy:


Early screenshot party, woo.


Woo lol


Ayyye I’ll be up there soon… maybe … probably not :unamused::joy:


My Grendel time is what’s got me so high. Need to grind out the first track. I’m at like 48 on there. :joy:


Haha the first tracks a lot funner to grind in than the second track :joy::joy:


Allthough It’s a little off topic, I must say I rather enjoy the odd pain au chocolat


I normally prefer a glass of Coton De Tulear with a slice of Muenster. Occasionally I’ll have a 6" honey oat Italiano along side. Pairs fantastically.


A little bit off with my first times today love both tracks! Well done guys


Bit better now! @THR_Dutchman so close haha



Got it @THR_Dutchman


WTF stay on topic


Yeah I know I’m sorry. I will promise not to mention the grilled rabbit I just had.




@rcboxer everyone’s hatin on the track this week eh? Haha really difficult i gotta admit…one of the hardest tracks in a longg time, but the more i play it the more i like it.


Thanks @YG_DJAuzzi!!! It’s fun sometimes having a track to challenge you fast guys :+1:

But man I admit, it’s pretty freaking hard for me to complete a lap :grin::joy::rofl:


Lol I agree now that the second track is actually not that bad but it takes awhile for you to get a feel of the track but once you do it’s actually pretty fun :grin:

Well for me it did at least :joy:


I also subscribed and sent you a versus for the next racing subs video or just for fun whatever you want (or not at all if you don’t wanna race me of course) :grinning: