[ Team shit talk ]


Everyone’s talking about how fast they are while in over here sitting in last place with the guys on my team :joy:


You bet sign me up

The OFFICIAL name change request thread

TCR ist aufgelöst.
Aber es sind noch zwei Fahrer die ich selber Weiß noch mit TCR unterwegs …


Sorry man didn’t see that.


fuckin riders fans


Honestly I don’t do CFL I think it’s like watching paint dry


Whaaaat well shit well else to Saskatchewan people do


In career bragstad beat me on bike nine I say nine vs. Eleven bike


I’m not on a Team… Just passin through on my way to Porn Hub




Stud. Me and a friend of mine would like to start our own team, can you make this happen


Ya dude just let @THR_Birdshaw know what you want your names to be and and he’ll change it for you


Thanks. Sorry about the comment in vs. Miss you always kick me on that track, just frustrated lol and your bike setup inspired my new setup…and my new team name DDRR


@THR_Birdshaw will THRbe in MSM3?


Not sure, actually.


Lol what does it stand for??


Double Dutch Rudder Racing


wow thats fuckin legendary. only in saskatchewan…


I’m from Alberta, so it’s cool in either province, sounds already like your jumping ship


Moved to Sask last year