[ Team shit talk ]


Combined team time stacking up against combined opponent’s team time makes a lot of sense. It’s equally fair


I’m in the middle of developing a new team with a select few elite players. We have some awesome things in the works and will be sending out four (4) privateer spot golden tickets (like Willy Wonka golden tickets) to the top four (4) in an upcoming JAMPIONSHIP. I’ll give more details on that later. By the way, we are actually sending out real golden tickets to the four (4) winners by mailing address. More details to come.


thats actually dope


@TCR_DJAuzzi_CA You haven’t applied for a name change, bro? :wink:


Haha yeah its changed in game, i started YG :wink: But i cant change it on here


I can do that. THR_DJAuzzi?


Imagine if there were team racing for cash? That could be interesting… I know it would be hell to configure though. Or instead of cash, team wins some premium rounds.


YG is down to race for cash :smirk:


You have to run bike 1 though @Bragstad


Yaaaa team cash challenges would be dope @MrSilverfox


Yeah especially for YG and noone else!!! Come on let’s be realistic that’s basically just giving YG free money… Add up the fact that a lot of people play on android and can’t play cash at all (and people like me who even if they could just wouldn’t play for cash) and you got yourself a pretty bad idea :grinning: if it was with a lot of different teams it would probably be kind of cool but there isn’t a lot of different teams…


With @Bragstad on bike 1 our odds are a lot better though. :wink:


Hahah im down🤙🏻


I think that if there was only 1 or maybe 2 attempts on each track it would be an interesting situation because everyone can make a misstake. Especially when scrubbin and wheelie. Maybe the safest rider would win😂
@Bragstad u only get 1 attempt! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It will be "Legendary":joy:


Maybe Birdshaws incredibly slow and uber safe style will come in handy then… Who would’ve thought :confused:



Hey man! I was FIRST overall earlier today.


Dude! I’ve seen him scrub! :smiley:


Me too. Twice, actually


We can call him Dungey if that pans out.


Im all about a limited amount of time or attempts per track. That would make it a lot more competitive.