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Ha ha😃 Then u are better then me cause i play bragstad and sick and they beat me every singel time. Really fast ones. I Play against solyone to,( great guy), insanelly fast.


Well i’ve thrown both lesterwire and rc28 a bone😜 Hopefully they will respond to the challenge. Thanks for the tip bro😁


@LesterWire and @RC28 used to play every day .( V.S) not as much as they used to.

Honestly it was RC who didn’t quit my challenege, gave me tipss, not to mention I simply tried to mimic him and he’s a big part of y I got as good as I did.
@LesterWire keeps me on my toes. He’s more bout the jams it seems. He’s been getting like what around top20world wide.

She beats me like 7 out of 10 ∆∆∆@THR_sick11111 is just a beast . I compared u to braggystad cus both of u are insane fast but really technical.
Hey sick1 did u try poppanator? He got a me like me100-him500 lol of not worse.he pulls magic out of his ass it seems whenever he needs to lol ha


What is poppanators ingame nick? I will challenge him!
It’s getting busy in vs - right now i have got 60 challenges i guess.

Thx 4 the compliment - my husband showed me how to drive. Now sometimes i am faster than he is ^^


@THR_Birdshaw I don’t know what it is I got my helmet and I swear my bike was handling dif.

I’m prolly just crazy tho man.
Are u 10000000% positive nothing has changed??


It’s justt poppanator

I’ll double check after my race I gotta have close to 200 races goin


Yeah I am bc they can only push bike parameter changes in the beta versions. A change would require you to update your app.



11438 wins
705 losses
305 longest winning streak

He’s butt f***ing 587-90.

I usually only win cus He sent a fudged race. I don’t think I’ve ever won a race I sent him.
This guy has cost me Iike @least 50$ lol I min. Haas good luck @THR_sick11111


Honestly he just been playing me much but that’s prolly cus he Is tearin my ass a new one:( lol
He race u yet


I’ve been grinding so hard in jams lately. Cheaphills has been giving me absolute hell to stay #1 in oklahoma. He has a 15 wr run a few weeks ago that I spent hours ignoring my wife and child to beat. :joy:


hahah i sent him a challange… he deleted it before he sent it back :confused:


3: You don’t have a debit card😀


Hahaha you know the I’m really starting to think that you’re just too stupid to know the difference between a debit card and a credit card :joy::joy::joy: i DO have a debit card :joy::joy::joy:


I bet you use that line with all the girls😀
Hey baby. Wanna see my debit card?


@THR_Birdshaw is there a MSM3 feature request thread?

If so can you link it? If not can you make one?


Elvis, why do you look at the top 10 guys. You need to accept people in the 50-150 range. That’s not really fair of you. BTW I’ve never seen you in the top 10 spot. Meaning there is players equally as good as you. I never see you in the 50-100 range sometimes. I’m pretty sure you don’t know who JITBALLOT is. He’s a very good player and is around the 50 range and also wants to join TCR. BTW I still support you.


This is as close as we got I think


I just wanted to clarify that I am not currently playing jam because of school and personal hobbies. I admit to you that I am an okay madskills player. I am around the 70-150 range in jam. I can only get that top spot when I have time on my hands. I will be back in jam in around 10 weeks or maybe a little bit later. But for now 9th grade is killing me.


I know i can’t speak for elvis but i do wanna say that he doesn’t NEED to accept anyone if he doesn’t want to…i mean he’s the one that formed TCR so i guess he’s also the one who decides how to manage the team right… And since TCR has some of the fastest players there will probably be a lot more people that want to join than just you and the other guy you were talking about… You can’t just tell him to accept you guys just because you want it…


Dutchman i respect your response. But I feel like TCR is good. But I am making my own team. TMR or TEAM MOMMY RACING. NOBODY CAN BEAT THAT!!