Random OT smalltalk from various threads


Ok first of all; pardon my French. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! That was awesome!


I blame Joe for everything. That track, global warming, Trump… you name it!


Why would you dislike trump? Unless Denmark has a lot of american jobs then I would worry lol trump may be a lot of things including “not qualified” ,but I think he will do more for america than Obamas lazy ass or Americas last 10 presidents. On another note you should make a track called “trumps hair” rythemless bumps and rollers :joy:


There will be no political discussions on this forum.


Geez my bad! It was a statement btw. Either way maybe you shouldn’t mention his name and expect no one to say anything about him. BOOM!!! MINDFREAKED!!


I didn’t freak. I didn’t delete anything. I moved us to a more fitting thread and closed the discussion before it got started.



Increddible is the word. Your gonna give the big guns some amo there kid, showing of moves like that😜


My most faithful Opponent :slight_smile:


I like the people that fully embrace the old saying “The only way to get smarter is by facing a smarter opponent.”


You gotta hate Birdshaw then :slight_smile:
He wont race me no more :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


His motto is “the way to feel smarter is by facing a dumber opponent.”


You are the fucker who deleted the last challenge!
But yeah. I like winning😀


This is true. That is why I chose to face you idiots here on my home turf.


Im seriously moving and the past week not a much time to play: (((( @Jogga72

I gotcha tho.


I got my helmet finally!!! I was so excited lol. Like a lil kid a candy store… Lol ha

Bike 11 seems to be riding diff as I it was modified…? U know anything


Thanks😀 Yes i suppose we do kind of have the same style. And It’s a good one😜 You are really fast aswell👍


Just a few days of not paying and I feel rusty lol. I like racing matched players cus to super fast fucks it’s not surprising when they kick it ass.I got a few wins I brgstd sick111 beating me like half the time. Ur do good though. Play @LesterWire an @RC28
Both bad ass players


I can assure you that they have not messed with bike 11 since december.


Wow thanks for the compliment :blush: