Random OT smalltalk from various threads


Can’t find it on the webs. Did you make that to take the piss? If so, genius! :joy:


In fact I did not.
Google turboman logo and select images :grinning:


Can someone change my dad’s name from “mort1” to “BRAGSDAD” ? Haha.


Is your dad as good as you?


My friend used to install satellites and he was doing a job one day for this guy who had money. He asked the guy “what do you do for a living” this guy was like you don’t know who I am?? I’m Jeff Stanton. I was like Jeremy McGrath before Jeremy McGrath lol. My buddy never heard of him and I’m like holy shit dude I only briefly met him at redbud an u was at his house , seen his trophy’s and original bike and you don’t even know who he is?? :joy: lucky fucker.


I don’t know ANY of those names :grinning:


WHAT!?? They are two of the greatest MX racers of all time!!! In the WORLD.


I’ve heard of that Pastrami dude😀


Pastrana was a trick artist. Do you even watch motocross?? :joy:


Does it sound like I do?


Have any of you guys watched this drone racing league yet?? Man this shit is crazy, these guys are truly talented. If y’all haven’t seen it check it out.


Our own @allynbencen is crazy good at that stuff.


Oh really? That’s cool. They made a mobile game for it that looks real fun. Even says if you do real good you could be contacted to have a chance to be a real life drone racer in there league.


BOOMshockalocka!!! @TCR_Elvis_PR excuses are like assholes, everyone has one :joy: what’s your excuse for basking off your teams success like your the one making them fast??? If I was on TCR I’d be pissed that my leader was stealing my time an effort to throw in the face of others. :sunglasses:


This is the most stupid thing i ever heard!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:… think first then talk my friend… :wink:


Obviously your too tarded to understand a joke within a joke ey? :joy: your titles under your name should read - TCR boss - beta tester - absolutely nothing else - :joy: @TCR_Elvis_PR


C’mon man! Go make Zach feel bad :grin:


Wow!! You are my hero!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: jajajjajajajajaja…


Your alright Elvis! Its fun talking smack to you :joy:


Hey Birdshaw, Is this how you do it?:joy: Not sure how I managed to do it but i thought it was worth sharing…lol. New Record i do believe? Lmao