Poll: How do you feel about more track obstacles in the next Mad Skills MX game?


Hydroplaning the water if your going fast enough would be cool instead of just sinking


I would love if you kept the game more like Nintendo Excite Bike. What I love about this game is that it would be the next generation of that type of game.


yall should add different classes like 125, 250, and, 450 and make it where you can race more than one person without premium and add more gear


and add real bikes and better graphics


You could add mud holes,so you could roster other players like real life when someone is trying to pass you just give them a mud bath if you can that will slow them down sometime!! Hare scrambles tight woods hell I like them all!!


All these things sound like amazing ideas, though I would like to see different game modes(races) like gncc, Supercross, hard enduro.


It would be kind of hard to put in woods riding into a drag race type of game


Another idea for the upcoming msm2 is adding smoke to the bike and after a certain level (if there is any leveling system or in game currency) you could be able to change the colour of the smoke


I think it would be nice to have the different ground types like mud and sand beacause it would make it harder and more challenging through rythms and you might have to take a different aproach to some things like that


If there’s log and creek crossing it will end up like all the other games on phone and they suck that’s enduro we want motocross dlfast racing games


I agree there should be different classes to race and will change how you ride the tracks, make the bikes look realistic and there should be a set of stock graphics at first and then add on customizables


Just different track types to play or sections in The track like sand sections so its. Not the full traxk


Different types of terrain is great but logs and stone will make it an entirely different thing like enduro and trials riding. Motocross isn’t like that but puddles and water to a certain extent would be cool. Asin leaning back through a wet section of track while the rear tyre digs in slowing the bike down !slightly! (More mud flicking up. Maybe slightly stoney tracks. The odd stones flicking off the rear tyre


I think all of these are great to add but in different perspectives. I like the idea of different general surfaces such as hardpack/loam/sand/etc in all different styles of racing. For the other changes that are proposed with the stream crossing/logs/etc, i think that these should go into a different genre of racing type separate from motocross such as an enduro or harescramble section that you can choose to play.


I think there should be a hard enduro mode with really technical tracks and maybe some big hill climbs, also the mode would be better with specific bikes. Then the normal game mode with the usual MX tracks and without all the logs and rocks. Maybe even add a trials game mode with specific bikes and tracks. I know this is supposed to be a motocross game but I think there is waaayyy more potential if you add different disciplines to the game. Also to all the people out there who want different camera views and adjustable suspension, there are games for that like MXGP3 on xbox. This is simple but fun game where I can jump onto and some fun without having to worry about whether my suspension is setup correctly as to whether or not I beat my opponent.


@OnTheFrontLine u should put monster truck tire jumps like at the tracks I race at


Indoor enduro tracks