Official DHP Racing sign up thread


I think what he’s trying to ask is if the team is going to be playing msm3 when it comes out. The second part what he is saying is something along the lines of has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.


Your last sentence is equally confusing. Made me ask my self whether English is my lingua franca :smile: @THR_f1ftyone


I agree!


If what you mean is “is this team going to be playing msm3” then yes and also this is still a new team and no one has joined :cry: I’m Lonely. :grin:


Have you never seen i before. It’s a legendary piece of copy pasta that make zero sense.


Hey @OnTheFrontLine my cousin wants to join. Her username now is maxthedoss and she wants it changed to DHP_LiviPizza101


@xXProSkillzXx It is 1 character too long. Any other variant?


Yeah DHP_LiviPizza10 @OnTheFrontLine


Should be good to go


Thanks! @OnTheFrontLine


In a team, whether that has effects on MSM three.

Because many join in a team, there may be team race in three


Ok @Pitti yes this team will ride in msm3 and we have 2 people in this team


You mean share the C


His team is called DHP… There’s no C in there :grinning:


I meant RCH…


Ricky Charmicheal baby!!! The GOAT


Is it too late to sign up


No, I don’t think so.


Just tell me what you want your name to be.


Ya fuck that shit