New Update Discussion Thread


Anyone notice bike 10 has compressed forks at the start now


No it doesn’t :thinking:


When I played an endurance track I swear that’s what I seen but might not of


See its only the other guys but we don’t get it, and I’ve only seen this once on bike 10 and 9


Yeah you’re right that’s weird :thinking: when you said that about bike 10 i just picked bike 10 to see for myself and didn’t have the holeshot device… No idea what’s going on then


Weird. This is probably something for the @devs


I think since it’s offline it’s most likely bike 11 but with the look of bike 9… If i remember seeing it on the streams of @OnTheFrontLine correctly you can customize your bike and rider whatever you like while still using bike 11 to record the time in the editor… You could also have bike 1 looks but bike 11 speed if I’m correct


Yeah it actually does do that. In the editor we have to go back into the shop and change to the bike instead of the bike selector within the editor because it won’t change the look of the bike even though it changes the physics :+1:t2:


I’ve realized that before I don’t like it its really confusing haha


I was playing with bike 11 that looked like bike 1 the other day. That was fun. And confusing. :joy: