MSM2 World Championship, January 4-5, details!


:sunglasses:World Champion (Gold Helmet)


Im not doing jam before that gold helmet arrives :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to put that helmet on!


Good thing everything is always hours away at Turborilla.


Best for us they never releases it then :smile: congrats man


Thanks man! @THR_VonKasta


Well… it is Turborilla…


Thanks buddy!


This type of tournaments should be done more frequently. It made me try harder and increase my level.
Right now I’m at ~320 WR, best I’ve ever been since I play the game! :grinning:
I might try cash races this week.


Do it MaxxxPower. Be warned though, you’ll be starting in Gold League with I think Bike9 before you rank up :smiley:


Really! Oh phak! Sounds like I’ll need some lube :sweat:


Oh how I loved Gold division :wink: Darn diamond division is TOUGH :grimacing: LoL


Didn’t even know there was divisions. I can’t see the cash races options 'cos I’m logged with an under age FB account (I’m not under aged). Tomorrow I’ll get new hardware to play the game and should fix that little problem.
Is there’s anywhere I can see more info about cash races? Any link with details about it?
(sorry I’m getting out of subject here)


Nolan Beyer made possibly the hardest track of them all, Fever.


Make “Fever” 25 laps in Career mode in true Endurance style.

People’s rockets will disappear fast and they will have to buy more to even finish it :smiley:


25 laps? Challenge accepted!


Well hello there, Satan!


Use Fever instead of Braap as first track for next version, check! (j/k)


@Bragstad getting into the 52’s on Bonus Bucks in cash race :+1: Did you jump over the wall at the end?


Yes its a little faster :wink:


To be fair Sixfootseven won that competition and 4 in the 52s. Results @rcboxer

  1. Sixfootseven: 52.559
  2. Master52: 52.627
  3. DJauzzi: 52.965
  4. Bragstad: 52.993
  5. JCOOPER19: 53.032

Give it 3 months and you’ll see someone in the 51s.