MSM2 World Championship, January 4-5, details!


Come on, Master52. In his words, he’s going to Sweden to teach people (all 11 contestants inclusive) how to play motocross. :wink:

Watch the video and see him beaming with confidence.

He’s clearly gunning for the top prize. :muscle:

Don’t underestimate Master52 because of his comparatively low regular Jam placement. I think the catch is that he puts in more time in cash races. :nerd:

Ride on, Master52. :thumbsup: Show’em who the master still is. :joy:


You’re welcome @TCR_Elvis_PR


solyOne was so close on that last run! Sad to see him go :expressionless:


MSM2 Best of the Best!!!


That was an awesome 1st day! They never figure out the line on that last track!
I’m so practicing to be on that list!


Awesome production, only thing Im missing is live timing


Thank you all for today!

Also a big hank you to solyOne, Jgoodin, Sirscrubalot & Parker111 for making it 12th, 11th, 10th & 9th!

Rebroadcast starts now on Twitch if anyone missed today:

Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 10am CET to see which will be crowned the World Champion.


Sweet broadcast today guys. It’s tough to only get an hour on those tracks, they look insane! Great work @JoeW723 and everyone else.


The broadcast was great, good flow and really professional. I smell success :slight_smile:
Well done guys!


I like how master52 hits the restart button with intensity :joy: I do the same thing just with less talent.


In that sketch the should put a motocross bike YZ 80cc and a dirt bike helmet!!! :thinking::thinking::thinking:


TCR’s top guy ZSE has been eliminated. Things are looking good for Master52. I think his greatest threat would have been ZSE. In my opinion, the possibilities of winning are:

Master52 - 45%
Bragstad - 30%
DJAuzzi - 25%


Congrats to Bragstad!
DJAuzzi was my favorite during the event :+1:


TCR_BRAGSTAD #1 yeahhhh!!! Best of the Best!!!:sunglasses::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Yeah I was wondering why they had a tiny crotch rocket there instead of a dirtbike :joy: it would make more sense.


I kinda forgot about it but big up to @JoeW723 for all the hard work with the tracks and excelent studio work talking us through them!
@rcboxer and @allynbencen also made some tracks right, anyone else?


Thanks!! yes Cliffy made some tracks too : )


The whole thing was seriously amazingly well done!
Great casters, an awesomely savage @JoeW723, great racing and good sports all around!
Extremely well done!:clap::clap::clap:


I also found it very well done.
It could not be exciting if all 12 drive all stretch.

give points
One) 12
Two) 11
Three) 10 … and so on.

And at the end all runs from 1 to 12 in the film show each other, with points statistics after each race.

Who would become the world champion.

Is so idea


I really liked the way it was set up with the elemination table, it was really exiting to be able to follow the death match simuntaniously as the main table was deciding who would be pushed to the elemination table next as well as who would claim top spot.
Having a point system would only make it a series a couple of guys would run away at the top.