Introduce yourself, yo!


Nope just weekly :slight_smile:


What up. Name is Nick. I’m known as CynthiaHarlowe in MSMX2. I do not ride. This is much to the dismay of the bunch of my family that does ride, a few of them hardcore desert racers. What can I say, I grew up poor and bikes just weren’t in the cards. I ended up going a different route but still feel connected to dirt bikes. It’s just not the end all be all of cool chit in my world like it is to others in my family. I love the game though!


What’s up guys, I’m Mike and I live in central Illinois. I grew up riding and was introduced to this game by a friend while driving to St.Louis Supercross a few years back. Got me hook, line, and sinker lol. I have since recruited nearly my entire shift of coworkers to the game as well. If there is any downside to the game, it would be the drastic increase in the time I spend pooping.


How’s it going lads (And ladies)? I’m Keith from just outside Belfast in northern Ireland. Been playing for about 3 years now and got hooked pretty quick…for some reason it reminds of an old Atari 2600 game called moon patrol i had as a kid which I also could never beat (showing my age)! And where one mistake meant certain death.
Found the game as I was looking for a racing game I could play on my phone. I’m not into motorbikes or motocross at all but this game as a racer is so addictive I regularly suffer from what medical experts would call ‘popeye thumb’ … I’m sure a few readers have had that ailment! lol
Just thought I would poke my nose in here to say thanks to the developers, support etc as this is truly a free game if you grind hard enough!! I’m sure you can vouch I have never paid you a penny for your hard work but have earned a WC helmet out of it so the proof is in the pudding :wink:

Thanks for the game and community folks and I’ll see you on the track :smile:


Zup Keith glad to have you here! :slight_smile:


Thanks kip - great game and good guys playing… It broke on me once but even though I have the free version the support was fantastic. Its refreshing


Yeah man, welcome here :slight_smile: Whats your name in the game?


Same as above (had to check there - forgot my own f##king name again!) lol 1978Keithy and yes I’m drunk! :smile:


Well, you are from Northern Ireland and its wednesday so we really didnt expect anything else :smile: :smile:


Ha ha talk about hitting the nail right on the head! Over here we get in trouble if we turn up for work sober :smile: :smile: couple mores vs games and I’m hitting the sack … Cheers mate


Hello everyone. My name is David, I have been playing this game for around one year… My brother kept telling me to download it and I finally did… now I am addicted. I am from a small town (Belen) in New Mexico and am an engineer in Albuquerque. I am having fun with the game and hope you all keep up the great work… I dont post much but check in and read up often. Nice to meet everyone. :wave: