Introduce yourself, yo!


I think that’s how I got better, just kept getting beat in vs and started getting faster!!


Yeah Mark! Fellow So Cal boy. I wonder if we knew / rode with each other at some point? I was a Carlsbad Raceway protégé and elsewhere rode a lot of Glen Helen / Perris / Elsinore as well as De Anza when I was a super grom and old Temecula. Anyway, welcome!


Right on brother I know exactly where those tracks are at and have Actually raced at Perris before but I was a little North of most of those places, I raced LACR Adelanto /Sunrise, Edwards Air force base, Av fairgrounds now called AV Motoplex, Ponca City AZ and even Raced up at Hang Town a few Times, This was in the real early 1990s 91, 92 and 93 and I was riding a 85cc YZ, In 93 or 94 I was racing the CRC and CMC series once I hit 85 cc Expert I went up to the 125cc class old school 2 strokes then some things happened with my parents divorcing and as a result didn’t race much after, But had a hell of a time while it lasted.
My grandmother lived in Temecula and I do remember riding some real bitchen tracks down there I was a youngster back then so I’m not real positive and names or locations but it was a lot of fun. If your any where near my age which is 37 then I’m sure we’ve been at the same tracks racing at the same time probably even against each other who knows But ya right on bro its awesome to know that there is some Local So Cal brother to chat with on this forum, Thanks

The OFFICIAL Jam week #139 discussion

Hey, kinda new here so here it goes.

My name is Seth and Im from the Philippines. Motocross doesn’t really get much support here cause they’d rather focus their efforts on issues like corruption and poverty :roll_eyes: Kidding! Ive been riding mx for about 6 years now and have loved the sport ever since! I love everything about this sport which is mainly why I play this game. Trust me when I say that this game is the most addictive game ever. Been playing it since MSMX1 with my dad and we tried to beat each other by getting faster times. When MSMX2 came out, I got faster and eventually played for my dad to get the number 1 ranking in my country every week. Unfortunately, by that time, I lost my phone which prevented me from getting my own account. Luckily, just a few weeks ago, I got a new phone and downloaded the game right away. Been hooked ever since. Hope I get more friends to play with soon cause I really enjoy how welcoming this community is and how great my teammates are back at TCR. Add me on VS my name is TCR_Sub-Zero. Oh yeah, RV2 is da man.


Welcome seth! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Simen!


welcome to the club kuya :wink:


Haha! Thanks!


Hey guys it’s thereal518 I picked up this game right when it came out like 5 odd years ago… lol I’m currently sitting 13th in the world and my main goal right now is to qualify for the world championship. If y’all have any questions just ask me!!!


It came out riiight around 142 weeks ago:) That’s 2,7 years.


Hi friends my name is Samuel. I from Ecuador. I am 24 years old. I love this game well msmmx2 i have a wife and waiting a baby. I am developer windows app. I was foungth a funny game in the play store to found msmmx2 but. It not like me. Well. I was can’t play. Some month ago i become with practice i am in the top 1500. I’m sorry if not write english very good. Because i speack spanish and a litle english.


Its ok Sam, we understand you! Glad to have you here, and congratulations on the baby :slight_smile:


If I can write in Spanish like you did in English without using Google Translator, then I will give myself thumbs up. You’re trying. Kudos.


I think he meant the initial Java version.


i’m rotter, i play this game in school to procrastinate a lot. i’m new to the forum but have been playing the game since a little over a year ago. i stopped playing in may (i was in D2 and couldnt get to D1 to get the red bull helmet) but started this october. it sucks that i was inactive because im in division 9, sitting with a 3.5% rank. i’m gonna try to grind for the helmet (it’s the only thing left in the game for me to unlock) again and wait for the 11th bike and next msmx game.


Hi names Ryan but you can call me Jeff


Hey yall. Names leekah (short for Pererika) somehow lol. From NZ living in perth WA. been hooked for a little over a year. Cant really remember how u came across MSMX2 but its the only game i have on my ph :fist::fist: physics, gameplay, everything is beyond satisfaction with the game keep up the awesome work. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


Hi, name in the game MaxxPower. From Costa Rica.
I would like to know if there’s a place I can see my trophies or world standing in general. Or by country.
Yeah, I’m a trophy bitch.


Hi m8, and welcome :slight_smile:
You see the leaderboards in the game I assume?


Oh! Hi :relaxed: Yeah, but I mean, is there like a general board? Like monthly or yearly? At least for world wide.