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Been lurking a bit, haven’t really introduced myself so here goes…

My name is Colin, I’m from the USA but I currently live in Nicaragua so that I can be #1 in a country… any country.

I grew up surfing and riding dirtbikes. I raced/rode MX/SX for 18 years at both the Amateur and Professional levels. I surfed throughout this whole time as well and still do. I currently run a surf camp and teach surfing as compete occasionally.

I also have been a graphic designer and developer for the past 15 years, everything from logos to commercials to websites etc.

I’ve been gaming for shit… uh… since Atari. I was well enveloped in the MCM / MCM2 track building communities back in the day and spent hundreds of hours building disp. maps, textures and 3D models for the game. I discovered Mad Skills MX pretty late in the game, since I had been out of the scene for some time, but it’s definitely brought me back. Love it!

I play on an ASUS Zenfone 2 and rage constantly. :poop:


Welcome brother, good to have u on the forum!!


All ragers are more than welcome :smile:
Enjoy your stay Colin :slight_smile:


Hello all, my name is Dave, I go by Lorky in the game and am @lorkyMX2 on twitter. I live in Harrisburg PA, probably the hardest state it seems we have a lot of good guys in PA. I played the original MSMX but not too seriously, I started playing MSMX2 fairly early on maybe mid 2014 or something. I’ve been consistently getting better and started playing a lot more over the last few months. It is an awesome game, I’m regularly on the twitch stream on thursdays and tuesdays.


Welcome abroad Lorkster! :slight_smile:


Welcome Lorky. You in mah house now. :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Tyler, i live in perth Australia.
I have been playing msmx2 nearly since the start of the iOS release. I’m only on bike 8 because I stopped playing. I LOVE motorbikes,toby price, chad reed and cod.
My Instagram is Quicky294
And you can verse me @ Quicky1234


Ha! Welcome, Colin!

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Nice! Thanks for playing Down Under!


hi im ernie


Hey Ernie I’m bert


Hello! I’m jay aka kingknobby, from Michigan. I grew up riding dirtbikes and idolizing the greats like Windham,emig,lusk, magrath hell I even got to meet local legend Jeff Stanton (giggles). I believe I started playing msmx2 back in Feb? Not sure but I haven’t stopped playing since. Beat career mode so I started versus mode and I really got into that until everyone started deleting the challenges. I managed to get a top 5 time in my state on one of the starman tracks, last I looked I was 6th though but that’s my greatest achievement I’m sure :grimacing:. Jam is my JAM though, its nucking futs even if my jam ranks are so bad who cares its a fun game



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Bump! Many new faces in here, feel free to say some words in this thread :slight_smile:


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Hey, I have been out of the loop for a while and just getting started again. Can anyone fill me in or let me know what I’ve missed? I looked on the forum and it didn’t appear that there has been anything major. I also reported a glitch I found and anyway, I am Dwayne Fagan (@DEFTEK67) on MSMX2 quite a lot and I come from a racing family in Oregon. My dad, my brother and I raced motocross in Oregon for three years. Our home track was in Roseburg (Clark’s Branch MX) and we raced pretty much the southern part of the state. Medford and Bandon were places we were fairly regular at the gate and trophy presentations. I have always had love of the sport and wanted to get out and ride again. I had an accident on a old Yamaha enduro we found in the shed at a friend’s house and got running. We never checked the brakes and I was trying to when the front brake locked up and pitched the wheel full lock to the right trapping my right leg against the tank and falling that direction. I snapped my femur. The three Suzukis we raced were gone when I came home from the hospital two weeks after my accident. Never raced again. so, now I am hooked on MSMX2 and have been since I found it on Google Play. I am always ready to go on VS mode so challenge me if you’re up for it. DEFTEK67


I feel you man on the femur snap. Been there. No fun, no fun at all.


Hello, My name is Mark I’m 37 years young and live in So Cal (USA) I’m Married with 2 kids, Big time motocross enthusiast been my biggest passion for as long as I can remember, Raced as a youngster all threw out California and in Arizona had dreams of racing professionally but ended up having to get a real job to support the family, Besides the Pro Motocross racers back when I would of had liked to rece were freaky fast and probably would of ended up killing my self trying to keep pace Lol.
I’ve been playing MSMX2 for I would say 2 years now and had no idea that this forum even existeLol till a month or Two ago, In the 2 years in played I can count on 1 hand how many Jam Weeks I’ve missed so I’m pretty consistent.
I have still yet to finish in the Top 1000 in the world is been real close though, I average about 1500th in the world and usually have no problems finishing in the top 1000 in the united states Yah!! When I first started playing MSMX2 I liked it so much I literally paid for either 200 or 300 premium weeks, And just recently ran out, So to any developers from the game reading this Show a brother some love I need some premium weeks its just not the same when I can’t use instant replay Lol…


Welcome to the forum man!


Hey, thanks for challenging me in VS mode. You keep kicking my butt and I keep getting
faster… Lol
I will get a W soon!