Introduce yourself, yo!


My name is Elvis, I’m Puertorican but live in Florida USA from 9yrs already… I have been playing MSM2 from it release, best moto cross game ever!! I always take a chance to play Jam/VS every day… thanks for the invitation here I appreciated!! by the way this “Online” game has make new friends from around the World!!


Welcome man!
It’s great to have you on our forum Elvis, one of (if not) the best VS players in the world!
I hope you’re gonna enjoy haning our here :slight_smile:


Hey you’re an awesome friend!!


I was wondering… Were you in Puerto Rico when you first picked up the game? Because I can see you play in the Puerto Rican division and not the Florida one.


Hey guys, very cool to see this forum up and running, and glad to be a part of it. I grew up in Roanoke, Va, spent 4 years in Morgantown, WV for undergrad, then to the University of Tennessee for grad school and haven’t left yet. I am the GM at a local golf course - so basically, exactly what you would think a big mx/sx fan would be…[sarcasm] - and have been a huge sports fan since dad had me watching sportscenter and Dan Marino highlights as a little guy. I probably spend entirely too much time playing moto games (MX Sim, mainly), so MSMX1 hooked me pretty quickly. Unlike some of you that may have beta tested or been involved in some way with MSMX, I’m a complete outsider, so it will be interested to read some of your thoughts on here compared to what I might see/think.


Welcome, fellow Mountaineer! Glad to have you here.


alright, ill play along. :slight_smile:
My name is Dane Perkins. i live in waukesha, wisconsin. Ive loved mx my whole life. raced for a few years, been involved with 2 wheels all my life. motor or not. Ive owned and raced streetbikes and bicyles and worked at dealerships. My current major hobby is triathlons.

Ive been playing MSMX since day one basically, when all my friends had iphones. I would take there phone and beat the levels they couldn’t. and then when turborilla said they were coming out with a andriod game. i was all over it. which lead me here.

do most of my testing on my note 4, i had a nexus 9 for testing, but ive recently switched to a Windows Surface 3. so i gotta see how to get driod apps on windows.


Ok here’s another Anders from Sweden, 35 y/o and has been playing for a few months. Vs stat 70/14 and counting, hoping this is the week I bust into div 1.
I play so I can feed my need for mx as work and family life has taken over from riding irl. Still watch as much mx/sx as possible to fill the void :wink:


Welcome brother! Lovely name you got :smiley:
Fell free to add me in VS if you wanna race.
Im level 100 now but that doesn’t mean I win every race, we could learn from each other at the same time you’re leveling up :wink:


Welcome, Anders! Wow, only a few months? That sort of makes you a newb around here. :smile:

Thanks for playing and being a part of our community, man!


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My name is Nate, I’m from Indiana. Been playing MSM2 since day 1, so happy that Android’s got Online play! I had the original on my PC also. I was raised on a pretty major motocross track in central Indiana. Raced up till a few years ago and now just ride when I get a chance. Follow the MX/SX scene pretty closely.

I don’t know what it takes to become a Beta Tester, but I would be interested in testing any future games/updates.


Welcome, Nate! Best way to get a beta invite is to become active on this forum. You’re off to a good start by introducing yourself! :slightly_smiling:


My name is Cameron Lee, and I’m 23 years old. I’m originally from Middleboro Massachusetts, but I currently live in Virginia. I raced Motocross all over the country for about 8 years, but haven’t touched a bike in close to 10 months. I’m currently a Beta Tester and Track Designer for MSMX 2. My username is Clfitty. I have won a few Jam events, even beat Master52 once or twice! My favorite rider is James Stewart, even though lately he hasn’t been doing too well. :frowning: Also, a huge fan of Tomac, Webb, J. Martin, and Christian Craig. Glad to see a great community forming on here. Can’t wait to get to know more of you!


Glad you’re still around, Cameron. Welcome to the forum!


Hi, my name is Bobby from Florida. I’m a former motocross & jetski racer, but with age you have to get an android. I was a big fan of motocross match up and got to the top 3. Obviously Ricky was not going to let anyone take over the top spot and no updates to the game in site. I started looking for other options when I say a post from Kyle Chisholm about how his thumbs were going to fall off. I downloaded it and saw all the Pros playing, so I knew this was the game for me. I play every week and love the weekly track updates. I would highly recommend to others.


Welcome, Bobby! That’s a great post, and we’re sure happy to have you playing the game. We have big plans for where this is going to go in the future.

Check out this thread while you’re here and give us any feedback you may have:


You can probably guess that my name is Jason. Born and raised in Michigan. I can’t afford a real motorcycle, because I bought an iPhone instead, so this is the closest I can get. Although I’m pretty sure there are still a few bikes sitting in parts in my dad’s garage left over from the mid-80’s.


Ha! If your choices were an iPhone or a dirt bike that costs the same amount, you were better off going with the phone. Welcome, man!


Hey, my name is Austin, and I’m from Nuevo, California. I used to play MSMX1 all the time. I started playing MSMX2 the day it came out because my mom tagged me in the facebook post haha. I remember when there was no Jam and there were just 3 career subjects. I ride dirtbikes too, a 2003 RM125. I love riding, my house is a riding paradise. I open up my garage and there is a track in my front yard, and there are tons of hills right next to my house. Well, there’s a little info on me and how I came into the Mad Skills world.