Help me I'm stuck


I swear Track 2-10 on junkyard is impossible I have Max out my bike and used rockets and everything but I Stoll can’t win?


Rythm dude remember it. that tracks actually simple, figure the rythm at the start then triple, huge triple, + timing then even huger triple and own the timing bit Wait til you hit 5/11 that tracks an ass :joy:


I’m stuck there, and it seems like 5 Laps. I would have managed 3! :grinning:


I can get a win on every track without a restart up to that track and it sucks :joy:


I would say just get to the end and finish race then look at leader board and watch couple of other people’s runs and try memorise it. Or just try and mimic your opponent. It’ll take a lot of restarts till it sticks and you get it. Took me long time on a bunch of tracks. There’s some hard ones further ahead


Well i have no clue which track that is but i can assure you everything is possible :grinning: