Getting faster times in MX2


Nail on head


It actually makes sense to have it that way but damn its hard getting the hang of it


I am in total agreement about the getting used to it. It doesnt help that most times I am lucky if my phone doesnt screw up and stick on lean forward or back and wreck me. So frustrating but I can’t stop playing till I can get another phone. It might be a long time.


There’s a few different options in the budget range ($100-$200). CHECK HERE

I use an ASUS Zenfone 2 which currently goes for $175.00 and runs the game fine.


Thanks for the info. I am trying to get some things together and will see
what I can do…


It helped me a lot to have a premium account, I hope to reach the top 100.


Its hard to say but its how you land at an angle and leaning just watch faster guys. I’ve played for 2 years and just begin to be a fast player and it takes a lot of practice and visual learning from other people


Do y’all use auto throttle or regular. I’m good with regular but sometimes flip my wheelies or have trouble scrubbing jumps. Also when I let off the throttle to prevent from flipping I let off to long. But with auto its easy to tap the clutch and keep it going nice. They are both good I just wanted to know what some of the faster guys use to help me out


Im using regular, but auto suits some tracks, if u gotta frontflip superfast to make a bounce auto is way better.


Yea I’m using regular for the first Line but auto for pivet


What difference does it make for privet? Or what are the pros and cons of using auto on a track like that?


Its just easier to keep a wheelie up with the clutch tapping


This is for all those guys who want to get good or just want tips and weekly track tutorials or even just want to watch me fail… :joy:

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Sweet, cheers man! :blush:


I Subscribed


I appreciate someone who does mad skills on Youtube I’ve always felt like it was missing that


There is a lot of old jam week winners uploaded, do a search for jam week |number| winners and youll find a lot of old gems :slightly_smiling_face:
Not that us mere mortals have a lot to learn from it but its fun to watch :blush:

Edit: I subbed too, keep it coming Sam


Thanks mate, I try :blush:


Thanks man, sure will! :laughing: