Getting faster times in MX2


Do you play with the “GO” auto throttle setting?

Or standard gas/brake


Auto throttle


Auto, cause 98 percent of time you’ve got it held on all the way. And I just tap the coast button when needed instead of holding gas on all the time and rarely release to coast for fraction of second. I hated thought of auto at first I was die hard gas and brake guy. But I gave it a try for bit and would never go back now


LoL seems so weird to use auto throttle. I’ve tried it, but just seems so backwards.


There are a lot of techniques, a few of the most important are…

  1. If your having trouble making a jump, lean backwards all the way up then at the last second lean forward, it uncompresses your suspension and gives you a bit of a jump for that extra distance.

  2. Leaning forward as you go over jumps tends to keep your line lower and faster, if you leaned back you would go slightly higher and with less speed. If you lean forward the entire time it will slow your ascent, so you want to do it toward the top of the jump if you want to maintain full speed and max distance.

  3. Lean back most of the time and if you can wheelie here and there it helps by getting your front tire off the ground and reducing your friction as well as increasing your back wheel traction. (i would assume)

  4. Scrubbing jumps, this is the big one that takes time to get decent at but is the most obvious from watching the top people. You want to preserve your forward momentum by being in a vertical position (wheelie) and rotating forward over the top of the jump so you are actually going the same speed or even faster. You can also let off the gas at the top which will pivot you forward and lower, if done right it can increase your speed. For extra pivot at a slight cost to speed you can hit the brake at the top or even just a small brake tap.


There is also a little trick when going down a hill if you can ride out a nose wheelie it will gain a lot of speed. Doesn’t work in every situation but when it does, it’s a advantage.


I like to run the Jam track 100 times on my own and beat my record again and again, when I see that I can not. I connect to the server, i go to see what position arrives. and I compete against another player Jam. I always see onthefrontline Thursday and there I can see how they play the top, having a premium account I prefer to play vs 9 players so I can see different ways to run the track.


There’s something that just feels so non-motocrossy with autothrottle. I like pressing shit and seeing other shit happen. I still use gas/brake combo and finish in the top 300 globally often.


I feel the same @51Ce My friend uses the auto throttle and it felt so awkward to me. Im stickin with the old skool set up!


How do you go fast with Bike 11? I think not all the rules here, apply, like leaning forward.


Yeah, leaning forward on downhills and waiting till the last second to lean back works and so does braking at the right time. I used to catch and pass a lot of racers by daring to go further into a corner or carrying my speed closer to those big scary jumps and then braking and staying low and on the throttle… Motocross instead of supercross…


Not like with the 10th, not at all


Yeah premium is the best thing thats helped me improve my times, watching the top guus gives you a general idea of an appropriate/fastest line. And racing your own times is a bonus.


Thats for sure. I hadn’t tried that with 11 much but now I see it almost makes no difference when I lean forward with 11…


It seems a disaster to lean forward again.

@Kipketer @Steve-ox
How do one lean/rock bike 11 to lower ones time in the air?


So I’ve learned that I instinctively hit forward when coming off a big jump and sometimes fall short, over the wire track last jump is a great example. In this case for that track when you approach the end of that jump dot push forward but stay leaned back and it sends you farther through the air. I hope that’s helpful


I wish I could give you an answer son, but Ive played too little to say too much about it.

Best thing you could do nowadays is to master the wheelie as long and as often as possible.
And when you’re at the edge/top/lip of a jump during the wheelie, lean back (Kudla scrub©) or lean forward and brake a little to get that throw over the lip


Only way I managed to clear that is to scrub the roller lip thingy right before it, I just cant build enough speed otherwise. But yeah, lean back and wheelie is the way to ride the 11 it seems.
I lean forward if I want to jump shorter tho


Exactly lean forward to cut air time, lean back for distance


Role reversal in air with Bike 10, it seems