BMX 2 How are you liking it?


Its pretty good , feels different playing with only one set of controls though, im on bike 5. How is everyone else going?




I’ve been testing and looking for bugs or issues to report. I love the game. The play is fantastic and glad to see the restart issue has finally been fixed.


I want that game.


Me too


idk if im liking this game or not. /:wink:


I love it. Been playing for 3 maybe 4 days spend some on bikes and got me some fine looking gear. completed the missions so now mostly play quick play since I’m not really a jam kind of guy I always enjoy going up against someone with a couple of attempts instead of doing 800 attempts without any succes.
Difference between msm2 & bmx for me would be this: With ms motocross I exactly know how to get the best lap possible I just don’t have the skills to do so:roll_eyes:.
with bmx I apparently have no clue what I am doing. Sometimes just after 1 jump I already lost so much momentum compared to my personal best and just can’t tell why, like did I land to early to late or was it something on take off. I guess I will figure it out some day.

Now there is 1 thing that bothers me a bit. The game mode I’m mostly on is Quick Play where they say you can pick an easy, medium or hard opponent. But the opponent you get is based on your personal best at that certain track (I figured). Since On a lot of track I’m in the top 3 overall times. So I go for a medium difficulty opponent at a track I apparently have the fastest overall on. I had to race the 4th overall best time ever and that is considered medium difficulty? that is really impossibly f*ck!ng hard. So on a lot tracks I can’t beat a medium difficulty opponent within 30 attempts. And I figure as my times improve it will get harder and harder. so it gets a bit frustrating at times other then this I just love the game.