Bike leaderboard


At the moment you have. world, division, state, places, friends leaderboards. I think it would be a good idea to add a bike leaderboard. So that once you feel you have maxed your times on bike 10 you can then change it up and make use of the previous bikes and try top the leaderboards using the lower bikes coz atm once iv maxed my scores i basically give up till next week but would be good if you can do this. Whats peoples views?


That’s a really good idea especially for people who don’t have bike 10 so they can see times that are realistic to them and not just the best of the best.


thats a good idea.


Even down to bike 1 it would be funny to see what people can do


That’s an interesting idea, not sure I’m ready to see @Bragstad beating my bike 11 time with him on bike 6 though haha