Attempts leaderboard!


I already had it bc i couldn’t figure out how to time attack braapp on national leader boards for along time. Untill I realized all i had to do was go to national leaders boards and tap someone. I made it almost through the career to like pro or something on bike 4. But I loved the game


Total for two tracks for me is around 3-6 hundred if that. So far this week I’m up to around 900. One has way more attempts than the other. I don’t get very good signal where I’m at so get a little frustrated watching the piston spin round and round. Tell your advertisers even though the game will not load the adds pop up without fail and play smooth all the way through.


Lol I laughed so hard when I saw this.


When you said that you made it to pro on bike 4.


Pretty crazy. It was killing me :joy: