Attempts leaderboard!


Yeah i don’t know whether i should believe this but i heard zse admitted to doing that :thinking: anyways when i heard it i wanted to see it and you can also just swipe the app away without all the flightmode stuff still doesn’t count them as long as you don’t go back to the menu before doing so (I’m on android btw)… But yeah it’s pretty sad doing that unless it’s those few times where you swipe out of a race out of pure rage for once again slamming your head into the last jumps :joy::joy::joy:


I essentially do that every week anyway. My phone is ancient and lags horribly if I have data on, so I just upload the tracks on Thursday and go straight to flight mode to play. Only time it comes back off flight mode is to upload a time or use premium to watch the lines. I would think my attempts counter would be zero every week because I never play with it out of flight mode


Showing my age here lol, but does swiping an app away do something different than just closing it?


Why does the amount of attempts matter, you said they cheat not to make them count or show up, its not like everyone sees it and no one cares if so they are just attempts. What im saying is it just dont make since to do that?


Agreed! Last time i checked it wasn’t the one with fewest attempts who is the winner! But the best time! No matter the attempts :hugs:
And i must agree with @Bragstad to, many attempts make u better and gives experience. :+1:


Ahhh i’m following you now…you’re saying close out in the middle of game play WITHOUT backing out to the main menu. I did that, and it didn’t log the attempts. I agree with you guys though, what’s the point?


Yes I have in the past, I only use my Zse743 now, my old ones were, Zachattack743 which I stopped using before bike 8 came out I think, and CalCityMx which I lasted used was week 135-150 around that time


:joy: I don’t use fucking flight mode, but I rage quit haha, I only rage quit when a good run is ruined by stupid shit haha


Something you should know, you don’t see me playing the first 3-4 days so I watch all the top guys and replicate what they do, and after around 100-whatever I can get World Record I don’t go back on it until someone beats it, it’s not like when I get World Record I still play for hours on end to improve, I hardly try to improve a World Record unless someone beats it or someone dares me too, so yeah stop accusing people :tipping_hand_man:t2:




That’s what I figured. You gotta wait a little and let everybody kinda settle down. The first few days is when ppl are improving times a lot and still have a lot more to play still


I only do cash jam on wensday night so I can like wait for everyone to think they won and then I just get 1st or 2 place


Yeah when i heard it i was like well that’s pretty sad… Good to know that’s not true man :+1::slight_smile:️ and if that came across like a personal attack, apologies for that, wasn’t meant that way :grinning: keep up the fucking nutty racing :muscle::grinning:


Unlucky that I do that too :speak_no_evil:
Have beat you in those last minutes a couple of times :wink:


remember when you first got the game and it asks you to do 3000 attempts against other players and you felt like “fuck that shit” and almost deleted your app. well now look at us…


I think it was only 1000… I did it in less than an hour.


Yeah love you too bae😘


cough homos cough


Yeah I remember 1000 attempts felt like deleting the game, in fact most of my friends quit there at bike 6 I believe lol


I actually think the number of attempts should be used as a measure of how much we’re NOT enjoying a particular track or the game in general. IMO a better measure of enjoyment would be a count of races completed. There’s certain weeks where the game is being a total thwart cunt, no matter how much effort or attempts are put in. So in those cases I simply use that number to gauge how much money I’m not going to be paying Turborilla going forward.