Attempts leaderboard!



Nice pp bonertron.:ok_hand:


Holyshit @THR_Bonnetron i didnt mean to say that. Lol


lol. I could believe it was an accident if you accidentally slipped a PP in there. Or even an accidental boner-tron. But both?! Something smells fishy… lmao


Must be all the abuse from birdshaw :joy: hey the alchohol has absolutely nothing to do with it. But nice pic my dude :grin:


Give me just one… no 16 examples. I bet you cant!


i see bonertron has some pretty good photoshop skills…


Something i found some years ago: look at the global attempts

If anyone wants to look its week 54


Moron,Moron,Moron,Moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron,moron, and you said you’re mum hates me! We video chat she said she said no such thing! Thats 16 no? :grin:


Nice good job man!


Well two…


LoL :joy:


Haha I’m​ going against you in jam without premium jam, what a coincidence


Who cares about attempts when u can cheat em, put on flight mode, go outta the app swipe away mad skills and the attempts dosent count


Pretty sure some fast guys are doin that for regular jam, if not the fastest guy :wink:


Never knew that actually. It’s stupid tho. Your time is your time no matter How many runs you put in. I respect guys like @JamesA who once put in 9000 runs in a single week.


Thats the only way to get better at the game, ive had 3-4k before


What is my total number of Jam attempts??


Is that an IPhone thing? I’m on android and it logs them either way


Yeah i guess so, try to load the track (opponent) turn on flight mode, play a little, go outta the app and swipe it away, then turn off flight mode and load madskills and check ( you have to do it like that for it to work)