Attempts leaderboard!


Whatbosbypur ingame name?
I think the most Ive seen is like 800k


Not to bad considering I took a long break from game. Ty @THR_Birdshaw.


*previous accounts :slight_smile:


Your mom has previous accounts.


My ingame name?


Wow. I really jacked up that sentence. :grinning:
What name shows up on the leaderboard when youre jamming your ass off?


Could somebody change my forum name to YZF_JLaRue4 just to make it easier when people ask for my ingame name plz :blush: thanks.


You can actually change it yourself in the settings


What’s my total number of Jam attempts??


You have a puni 54k😀


@THR_Birdshaw what about me? I dont think i have that much


Haha yay


Most I’ve had on a single track is maybe 5-6k, ive done 4k many times, overall I think I’m over 300k.


Most I’ve done is 2k


What I wanna know is if anyone has completed these achievements?


I have completed everything but the 500k attempts and 1m attempts


On 10 second wheelie I slow wheelied with my breaks and gas. And stopies are easy to balance and set for like a minute. If you get it, if this helps with the achievement


And one more thing I’ve tried but I can’t get 5 consecutive backflips, how do I do it


Thats what I was wondering, thanks for the advice, anybody know a track where you can pull off 5 consecutive backflips?


You dont… 130k