Attempts leaderboard!


Really tried last week But it didnt stay for long, Nice seeing those high numbers though


How bout your lowest attempts for a good time?
Btw I wanna know how many attempts I have in jam :grin: @THR_Birdshaw


I had 60 attempts on that one, just got lucky




Whats your ingame name




Since you “OBVIOUSLY” can do “everything”! Birdshaw! :joy: Can u also see when i took ny first stumbeling steps in to the world off madskills motocross 2. ? Can u actually see when i did my first ride on a bike here? Challenge accepted??? :wink::wink::wink:


I’m not quite sure I’m reading the codes right, but my guess would be 11th of january 2016 at 19:06:36


Hmm. How many attempts for me @THR_Birdshaw


This may have been the second day of Jam but still it’s pretty cool


Hahaha :joy: God Damnit birdshaw! You do know everything :joy: I bow to you :pray: Sensei! Hell! I thought i had played longer! Like around 2 years haha :joy: Well almost there! :blush:


Ayyyyyye @THR_Birdshaw you little took, you forget about me… :thinking:


@THR_Sam27 116k. And I aint no Took, Took!


116k is that all? :joy:

Ayyye we all know your the real took here on the forums :+1: @THR_Birdshaw


The real question here is…

What is @Zse743’s total jam attempts!!??

This might be interesting? :thinking::wink:


You’d surprised. It’s fewer than you’d think.


I’m not surprised :joy::joy::joy: @THR_Birdshaw @Zse743


Probably not if you were to include all of the previous accounts he’s had… Don’t know how much there are but I’ve heard him say stuff about his first account and things like that so I’m guessing there’s a few :grinning:


Zse had multiple accounts?


Has anyone done the achievement that’s like 500k attempts in jam or something crazy like that
( im not sure it might be more then that but I’ve seen that there’s an achievement for around that many attrmpts